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How do you push off on a skateboard?

Beginning Skateboarding

Any beginner must learn to ride on their skateboard before attempting any tricks. So its important to practice moving for a while. Here's how – place your front foot on the board over the front truck bolts.

Push yourself forward with your back foot placing most of your weight over your front foot. Then place your back foot on the board near the tail and coast. While pushing you should be facing forward, but while coasting you can turn both your body and feet to the side for stability.

How popular is skateboarding?

The Growing Popularity of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport in the United States. It appeals
to children, teens, and adults and provides recreation, entertainment, and
exercise. The number of skateboarders across the country is up 128%
over the past ten years. There are currently 11 million skateboarders in
the U.S., which equates to almost 4% of the U.S. population.

Why does skateboarding have a negative perception within communities?

Community Perceptions of Skateboarding

In many communities, skateboarding is seen in a negative light. It's close relationship to hip hop music, baggy clothes, and images of skulls has made it misunderstood. Skateboarding is, in fact, a multi-faceted activity that is all at once a sport, a hobby, a form of transportation, and a lifestyle. And unfortunately, it often seems that whenever teens gather in groups, adults tend to get suspicious of whatever activity is taking place.

How do you time tricks?

Optimum Timing For Skateboard Tricks

To get the best results from doing tricks on a ramp, always pop the trick before you reach the lip of the ramp. The key is to do your trick while you still have some speed and are still going up. For popping a trick on a bank, if you ollie before you reach the top, the impact of the landing should make you stop at that precise spot so you can descend gradually.

How do you stand on a skateboard?

Skateboarding Stance

There are only two ways to stand on a skateboard, depending on which foot you prefer to use in the forward position. A Regular stance is with your left foot forward and a Goofy stance is with the right foot forward. To figure out your stance, go to a staircase and begin to walk up. The foot you used first to walk up is most likely the foot to put in back on the skateboard.

How can I build focus and concentration to better my skateboarding skills?

Building Focus and Concentration for Skateboarding

Sometimes, to maximize and sharpen your skateboarding skills, you have to look not down at your feet, but inside your own mind. Athletes of many different sports have great success improving their skills by merging their bodies and minds, learning exercises that help develop focus, goals, and self-belief. There are many books on the market designed to teach athletes these skills. You never know.

What is a Nollie?

Doing A Nollie

A Nollie is an Ollie done off the nose, hence the ‘N' at the beginning of the word. To do one, place the ball of your foot in the middle of the nose. Your back foot should be in the middle of the board between the front and back bolts. Push down with your front leg as hard and fast as you can. After the nose snaps down, jump off your front foot as you suck up the board with your back foot by dragging it toward the tail. Even out your board. Your knees should be tucked up, then come back down.

How do you do a heelflip?

Learning a Heelflip

You start a heelflip by setting up your back foot on the tip of the tail and your front foot just behind the front truck bolts, your toes hanging off the edge of the board. Hold your body straight. Squat down, then pop your ollie. Jump with it, but don't lean, try to stay straight. Immediately after your tail touches the ground, kick your front foot forward and in the direction in which you are rolling with your heel in a diagonal position. The hardest part of this trick is to not lean back or push forward. Keep your body straight and upright. When you catch the board, push it down and keep on moving.

What's an Ollie Block?

Ollie Blocks

There's a new product out that makes it easier to practice learning Ollies. Its called Ollie Blocks and it was specifically made as an Ollie trainer. Made of hard, durable plastic that are mounted to your deck in the same way you mount your trucks, Ollie Blocks are suitable for indoor use as well. So now, even if you know your Ollies but are stuck inside for the day, you can still practice some moves. Attaching Ollie Blocks to your old skateboard is a great way to repurpose and get longer use.

Is there a good position for getting over obstacles?

Getting Over An Obstacle

When trying to get over obstacles, many experienced skateboarders recommend turning your body 90 degrees on the way up. Doing this would position you with your hips facing the direction in which you are traveling. While coming back down, you should return to your original position.

Where should I be looking while I'm doing a trick?

Keeping Your Eye on the Skateboard While Performing A Trick

One very simple, but overlooked tip is to make sure your eyes are focused on your skateboard while executing a trick. If you have enough speed and pop to clear your obstacle, your concentration is better placed on your trick itself. Use your peripheral vision to keep your landing spot in place.

How do you stop on a skateboard?

Learning To Stop

Knowing how to stop is just as important as knowing how to move. You can use either of these two methods. Put your weight on the tail so it drags along the ground, or take your back foot off and drag it lightly along the ground beside your board.

How do you turn on a skateboard?

Learning To Turn

Turning is an essential skill. To turn your skateboard left or right, just lean to the left or right or put weight over your tail so the front trucks come off the ground. Then pivot on your back trucks to guide the board where you want it to go.

What is a balance board?

Learning Tricks on a Balance Board

Learning to skateboard and then do tricks is a bit daunting at first, but a lot of the fun of doing it is in the trying in the first place. To speed up the learning process, try practicing on a balance board. It can be the fastest way to increase your balance and learn to do ollies. Another great advantage is that you can practice with a balance board in your own driveway or patio – where you don't have to be traveling at the same time that you're trying to jump.

How do I learn the language of skateboarding?

Do You Speak Skateboard?

Skateboarding culture has not only influenced fashion and music, but has a language that is all its own. Its vernacular includes words like ollie, nollie, goofy, primo, fakie, k-grind and poser to name just a few. And, if you're going to do the sport, you better get the language down. Or you might be labeled a poser yourself. There are several skateboard dictionaries online to help you feel stoked.

What is dirtsurfing?

Dirt Surfing

Dirt surfing is a hybrid skateboard sport. A dirtsurfer is a two-wheeled vehicle that part skateboard and part bicycle. Just over five feet long, the dirtsurfer has two BMX wheels and no handlebars. They can be ridden on paved roads and mountain trails. If you love speed, dirt surfing may be just the thing for you. They can move up to 70 miles per hour.

How do you do an Ollie?

Learning An Ollie

An Ollie is one of the first tricks most skateboarders try to master. And, it is the basis for many other tricks as well. To do an ollie, you have to step on the back of the skateboard and jump up at the same time. When doing it right, the board will stick to your feet.

How do you do a Kickflip?

Learning the Kickflip

To do a kickflip, you start in the Ollie position. Do an ollie, but instead of sliding your front foot upward and forward, you also have to slide your foot toward your heel enough to put the board in a spin. Catch the board with your feet while its still in the air. Bend your knees so you can absorb the shock of landing.

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