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Why do the clothes all have logos?

Logos on Clothes

Logos are an important part of skateboard culture. If you have a favorite brand, wear it with pride. Most manufacturers offer products that range from t-shirts sunglasses, watches, key chains and much more.

Do most skateboard clothes come from the same companies that make skateboards?

Skateboard Manufacturers As Clothing Designers

Many skateboard companies have become major cultural influences over the years. For example, Element, whose skateboard equipment is among the most popular, keeps its presence and logo visible to enthusiasts and the public through their team that includes Bam Margera as a member, and lines of clothing that bear their logo including jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and backpacks. Their earth, wind, and fire logo is even becoming popular in regular street clothes. Skateboarders like to don their favorite logos as a sign of loyalty.

What is the general clothing style of skateboarders?

Skateboard Clothes or Urban Wear?

Perhaps only the most long-time skateboarder can remember whether skateboarding has influenced fashion or if fashion has influenced skateboarding. Skateboarding clothes and fashion have meshed into what can be called ‘urban wear'.

But the general outfit includes baggy pants with exposed underwear, long t-shirts, and a beanie. The baggy pants do provide freedom of movement, and the beanies keep skateboarders' heads warm, so there is an element of practicality here.

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