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Are skateboard backpacks really different than regular ones?

Skateboarding Backpacks

Whether you are using them for skateboarding expeditions, or going to school, backpacks made by your favorite skateboard companies like Element, Baker Skateboard and Girl give you a little something most regular backpacks don't. In addition to coming equipped with skateboard carrying straps and tail pouches, most have audio holders with headphone outlets. And of course, they all have your favorite logo embroidered right where everyone can see.

How can I customize a skateboard?

A Customized Skateboard

If you are shopping for a skateboard and would like the benefits of building your own, but the ease of taking position of a complete, try this. Many manufacturers will let you customize a skateboard by letting you choose the components you want. Then, they'll build it and ship it to you.

How do I shop when my Mom still pays for my clothing?

Young shoppers

If you're young, buying clothes from your favorite skateboard manufacture might pose some difficulty at times. Since the money is usually in the hands of your parents, they may object to some of the logos and imagery found on many items. And some of the names of the companies themselves might raise their hackles a bit.

But don't fret. There are some logos that are not provocative, so pick out those instead of the skulls. And try to talk grandma into giving you a gift certificate for the holidays so you can shop and pick out your own.

Is it better to buy at a skate shop or by mailorder?

Mailorder Skateboard Shopping

Shopping for skateboards and skateboard equipment can be complicated no matter what skill level you are at. Skate shops are a great place to have a close up look at equipment as well as having the opportunity to talk to some pretty knowledgeable people. But, if you know what you want, the mail order skateboard catalog is a modern dream come true. Order by phone or online, and then just sit back and wait for the product to get to you.


Enjoi Wheels for Science Enthusiasts

Do you love science and skateboarding too? The two are an interesting combination since the whole point of skateboarding is to push the limits of the laws of physics. But if science is your thing too, Enjoi Skateboard has a great wheel for you. It's called the ‘Smartie' and comes complete with a picture of Einstein on the wheels. Is there any better way to show off your intelligence and athletic prowess at the same time?

What are Tech Decks?

Tech Decks

Here's a way for skateboard enthusiasts to keep up with their skills while its raining or if you're recovering from an injury. Tech Decks, are 3 inch collectable skateboard replicas with real metal trucks, grip tape and graphics that can replicate real tricks using your fingers. And now, with many of your favorite manufacturers skateboards in the Tech Deck line like Element, Birdhouse, Zero and more, rainy days no longer have to be less of a skateboard day.

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