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Do I need skateboard Shoes?

Skateboard Shoes

While you can skate in regular shoes, it is a good idea to get some skate shoes. Skate shoes are made with a large, flat bottom to better grip the board, and they are also reinforced in places most likely to wear down. If you skateboard in regular shoes, you will wear them down quite quickly.

How do I choose skateboard shoes?

Skateboard Shoe Choices

If you've gone into a sports shop lately to look at skateboarding shoes, you've probably noticed how many brands, colors and different price points there are to choose from. Confused? How different can they possibly be?

Aside from the basic attributes of skateboard shoes, you'll find ones that work well in snow and slush, ones that have loops to protect laces while doing heel flips, thick, padded tongues, thermo-plastic toe caps and much more. Try them on for size. Comfort is key. Choose those features that have a specific benefit for the way you skate. And of course, they have to look good.

What are some features of Emerica skate shoes?

Emerica: Solid Skate Shoes

Emerica is a tried and true brand of skate shoes with a solid and proven design and the features you need, if not all the features you want. For instance, Emerica skate shoes don't protect laces - so if you go through laces like crazy, they may not be the right shoe for you. Still, these are shoes you can find in most places and you can get them for great price points. They also offer solid impact protection and support for tricks. When it comes down to it, Emerica is a solid brand of skate shoes that you can trust.

Are Nike skate shoes any good?

Nike Skate Shoes

Nike is always a name you can trust in any sport shoe because they appreciate the importance of customization for various sports. Although they are huge, they still commit to making high quality products. In skateboarding, Nike has developed a huge variety of skateboarding shoes in tons of colors and styles with the benefits of light design that still retains sturdy stability.

What shoes should I get to help me with skate tricks?

Tricks with Fallen Relapse Shoes

If you want to get better at skateboarding tricks, the Fallen Relapse may be the right version of Fallen Skate shoes for you. The reason being that they not only carry all the signature features of Fallen shoes like:

  • Leather or Heavy Duty Suede Upper
  • Foam Padded Tongue with extra Stabilizer Strapping
  • Extra Padded Heel Collar
  • Double stitched Eyelets that add extra strength and protect your laces
  • Gel heel Padding for impact cushioning
  • Triple stitching in the Toe Cap
  • Special insole and Full Length Midsole
  • Sticky Rubber for added traction

The reason these Fallen skate shoes are especially good for tricks is that they have rubber strips (hidden of course!) up the sides of the shoes for tricks. The rubber strips add grip and extra protection.

What are skateboard shoes?

Popularity of Skateboard Shoes

Skateboard shoes are a variation on classic tennis shoes. And what makes them different are their large flat bottoms, thick soles, and reinforced areas directed to exactly where your feet work the hardest. Skateboard shoes have become so popular in recent years they've caused a decline in the sales of regular sneakers like Reebok while Skateboard brand like Emerica, DVS, Nike and Fallen are skyrocketing.

How can I make sure my skate shoes fit my feet?

Getting the Right Skate Shoe Fit

Are you a flat footed skateboarder? Do you have high arches? You need different shoes for different feet. Emerica shoes offer the feature of a removable arch support. This means you can take theirs out and insert one that is custom designed for your foot, whether you have a high arch or no arch at all. That kind of customization is hard to beat and with the solid brand name of Emerica shoes behind you, you should be all set.

What are the features of Fallen Rival Skate shoes?

The Features of Fallen Rival Shoes

Jamie Thomas is a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur who develops amazing skate gear and Fallen skate shoes. Because of his own personal experience, Fallen has created premium skate shoes that have small but important features that create some of the best skateboarding shoes around. For instance, the Rival is a great shoe and has a ton of important features:

  • Leather upper or Synthetic suede
  • Under toe cap with an extra thin layer of rubber for extra durability
  • Padded tongue and ankle collar for extra support and comfort
  • Extra stability through Internal tongue straps
  • A Double lacing system on the toe cap
  • A specially designed heel bag shock absorber and an insole with gel heel pad for impact
  • Sticky rubber sole with a herring bone pattern for grip and flex
  • Available in 4 color themes - black, charcoal, dark brown and white

Are there any benefits to Nike skate shoes?

Feeling the Board

One of the best features of Nike skate shoes is that they really let you feel your board. Nike has a lock on great shoe materials, and their Dunk skate shoes are no different. Because they are made of lighter materials, you feel the board and the road a lot better which may make it easier for your to try out and master new tricks. Nike skate shoes may not have all the bells and whistles of say, Fallen shoes, but they are a solid buy and you'll have a lot of flexibility in terms of style and color.

I'm a girl who wants to buy guys shoes, what size do I order?

DVS: Sizing

DVS makes great skate shoes for guys and girls but sometimes girls prefer the style of guy's shoes. If you're a girl shopping among guy's shoes, here is a quick tip on sizing for DVS shoes, or any brand for that matter. The general rule is to add 1.5 to the guy size to get the right girl size. Basically this means that a guy's size 8 is equal to a girl's size 9 ½.

How do I care for my skateboard shoes?

Skateboard Shoe Care

If you're out having fun on your skateboard, one thing is for sure about your skateboard shoes - they're taking a beating. To best care for your skateboard shoes, follow the manufacturer's directions which are specific to the material of your shoes in particular. Another good rule is to never wash your shoes in the washing machine - they'll lose their shape. And the dryer will lessen the effect of your shoe's bonding agents.

Do any skateboard shoe makers make youth skate shoes?

Youth Skateboard Shoes

Need skate shoes for your smaller skateboarder? Emerica skate shoes is one of the few manufacturers that make shoes for youth riders. This is because youth skate shoes need to be durable, good looking and therefore worth the investment for growing feet. Emerica skate shoes offer all the features a young rider needs.

How can I clean my DVS skate shoes?

Cleaning DVS Skate Shoes

Canvas and Fabric DVS Skate Shoe Care

  • You can machine wash canvas and fabric skate shoes in cool to warm water, depending on color.
  • Don't bleach or use laundry detergents or cleansers with any chlorine additives because they may cause yellow discoloration.
  • White and light colored shoes can go in a dryer and this will help to prevent discoloration. Darker and riche colors can be air dried.

Cleaning Leather DVS Skate Shoes
  • Start by cleaning dust and any surface soils with a damp cloth.
  • You can spot clean more serious dirt with a gentle detergent or saddle soap. Avoid saturating the material but make sure you test the cleanser on a small area before washing the whole shoe.
  • Pat the leather with a clean soft cloth and dry slowly away from a heat source.

Cleaning Suede DVS Skate Shoes
  • First, you should treat your clean, dry suede skate shoes with waterproofing products.
  • When you need to clean them, gently brush the shoes with a wire brush. Spot clean any dirty surfaces with suede cleaner.
  • Do not saturate your suede skate shoes. Test any cleaners on a small area before proceeding further.
  • Dry the shoes slowly away from a heat source.

Are there any benefits of DVS skate shoes?

DVS Skate Shoes and Treads

DVS shoes have the features you need for skateboarding including excellent treads for super traction. If you want to master new tricks on your skateboard and you've noticed that tread is an issue, get to your local skate shop and try a pair of DVS.

There are also a lot of great places to buy DVS shoes online, so don't think you can't get this shoe if you don't have a local retailer. Hop online and find an online skate shop with a lot of selection. Try to find one with a good online FAQ or customer service as well so you can make sure you are getting the right skate shoes for you!

What are the pros and cons of Fallen skate shoes?

Buying Fallen Shoes Online

Fallen shoes are a premium product so although you get the pros of special features, increased durability and improved impact protection, you may have to find a specialty skate shop if you want to buy them locally. This is why buying Fallen shoes online is probably a better bet, depending on where you live.

Try to find an online skate shop that has a good selection and an easy return policy. You'll probably love the shoes, but when you order online you run the risk of not getting the best fit right off the batt. No matter which pair of fallen shoes you get, you're bound to end up with a premium skate shoe that will look great and make your skating that much better.

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