Cleaning DVS Skate Shoes

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How can I clean my DVS skate shoes?

Cleaning DVS Skate Shoes

Canvas and Fabric DVS Skate Shoe Care

  • You can machine wash canvas and fabric skate shoes in cool to warm water, depending on color.
  • Don't bleach or use laundry detergents or cleansers with any chlorine additives because they may cause yellow discoloration.
  • White and light colored shoes can go in a dryer and this will help to prevent discoloration. Darker and riche colors can be air dried.

Cleaning Leather DVS Skate Shoes
  • Start by cleaning dust and any surface soils with a damp cloth.
  • You can spot clean more serious dirt with a gentle detergent or saddle soap. Avoid saturating the material but make sure you test the cleanser on a small area before washing the whole shoe.
  • Pat the leather with a clean soft cloth and dry slowly away from a heat source.

Cleaning Suede DVS Skate Shoes
  • First, you should treat your clean, dry suede skate shoes with waterproofing products.
  • When you need to clean them, gently brush the shoes with a wire brush. Spot clean any dirty surfaces with suede cleaner.
  • Do not saturate your suede skate shoes. Test any cleaners on a small area before proceeding further.
  • Dry the shoes slowly away from a heat source.



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