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When do I need a new skateboard?

Replacing Your Skateboard

Skateboards get a lot of rough treatment, so its important to stay on top of its condition. How do you know when it's time to replace your skateboard? Certainly, if it breaks or cracks. But how about if your board develops a razortail? Razortail is the sharp edge caused by skidding the nose or tail a lot. It causes your board to chip easily, so when you begin to see this happening, you know a new board will be in order soon.

What is a complete skateboard?

A Complete Skateboard

If you're a beginner, it's not always easy to figure out how to buy components to configure your own skateboard. But have no fear, many companies make complete skateboards specifically designed for beginners. And until you figure out a bit more about the sport and about what you like, a complete skateboard makes a lot of good sense.


Element Skateboards

In their vast product line, Element Skateboard manages to have it all. From lightweight, to organic, to rough and ready and more, Element has designed a board to suit every skateboarding need. They've done all this and have managed to also promote ethics, civic awareness and knowledge.

What is an old school skateboard?

Old School Skateboards

For those avid skateboarders who remember the good old days, old school skateboards are classic skateboards from a few decades past. But why turn back the clocks? Old School skateboards are considered stylish. They are a bit larger than today's skateboard and are great for cruising. Just remember that if you buy an old school deck, you have to match it with the appropriate whells and trucks, which are also a bit larger.

What are the origins of the skateboard?

Skateboard Origins

The modern skateboard was first introduced in the 1950s. It's predecessor, the scooter, was the first contraption around in which the operator had to push a board on wheels to gain motion. Control and stability were obtained by using the vertical bar at the front end of the board, whereas in modern skateboarding, it's all in the foot.

What happens if my skateboard gets wet?

Wet Skateboard

Getting your skateboard wet is probably inevitable, but if it gets wet a lot, it could crack. In any event, getting your board wet will take away from the strength or the pop you get out of it – a definite decrease in the quality of your tricks and moves.

Who are the leading skateboard manufacturers?

Leading Skateboard Manufacturers

If you are new to skateboarding and unfamiliar with what to buy, it's always a good idea to stick with leaders in the industry. Some of the leading skateboard manufacturers today include Element, Girl Skateboard, Flip, Baker and Enjoi.

Each of them offer quality products, and an amazing array of choices for the type of skateboarder you are or will become.

What is a mini skateboard?

Mini Skateboards

If you are just starting out on a skateboard, chances are you're young. If so, a mini skateboard might be the best way for you to start and gain skills quickly. Mini skateboards are designed just like any other skateboard, but customized for the ten to twelve year old. Their slightly smaller size will allow you to maneuver easier and to gain greater control.

Have skateboards changed over the years?

New Skateboard Materials

Innovations in materials and technology have made skateboards better and better over the years. The first skateboard wheels were made of clay. The introduction of polyurethane made it possible to move faster and smoother. Some trucks are now being made using the alloy titanium which is strong and lighter than many other alloys.

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