A Complete Skateboard

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What is a complete skateboard?

A Complete Skateboard

If you're a beginner, it's not always easy to figure out how to buy components to configure your own skateboard. But have no fear, many companies make complete skateboards specifically designed for beginners. And until you figure out a bit more about the sport and about what you like, a complete skateboard makes a lot of good sense.



11/29/2008 7:50:21 AM
bobjack said:

if your a beginner i recomend to get tips from friends and videos.first you want to learn the basics.then youll learn some tricks like manuling,ollie,kickflip,heelflip,lip grind and all those goodies.then someday you could be famous.

9/5/2009 11:00:34 PM
metallicamaniac said:

i totaly agree with this i'm not a beginer but i started on a airwalk bad for tricks good for learning


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