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How do I get sponsored?

Getting Sponsored

Do you think you're celebrity skateboard material? If your skating is outstanding, you could become a sponsored skateboarder. So, if free trips and gear, and making a lot of money doing your skateboard thing sounds good to you, you have to make a sponsor-me video. Show your best moves and try to work something unique in so your video doesn't look just like on the myriads of videos skateboard companies receive. Most skateboard companies have information on their Web sites about who you contact and what to send.

What do celebrity skateboarders earn?

Earnings of Celebrity Skateboarders

If your parents look at your obsession with skateboarding and your desire to perfect unnatural acts against nature as a waste of time, tell them this. Professional, celebrity skateboarders make a very good living. Mid-level pros can earn $50 to $100K per year. The really famous celebrities of the industry make $500K to $1 million. Most of them started out like you, just a neighborhood boy, riding up and down the street. It was their passion and diligence that got them where they are today.

How big is the skateboarding industry?

Celebrity Skateboarders Lead 2.5 Billion Industry

Skateboarding is the favorite extreme sport of male teens in America. And as such skateboarders and their products have a tremendous impact on buying power. Pro skaters such a Bam Margera and Tony Hawk have developed lines of clothing, skateboard equipment, accessories and videos to meet the demands of this demanding audience. In turn, the companies that manufacture these items gather up and sponsor the next generation of stars to ride for their teams. All in all, the skateboarding industry currently produces over 2.5 billion in revenue each year, with no end in sight.

What are some of the most exciting records held by celebrity skateboarders?

Celebrity Skateboarding Records

Are you the kind of skateboarder who needs to know where the outer limits of skateboarding can take you? Here are a few amazing records to use as inspiration. On July 9, 2005, Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall of China on his skateboard. By accomplishing this, he became the first person to clear the wall without a motor. Danny Way also holds the world record for longest distance jumped on a skateboard – 79 feet!

How do you become a celebrity skateboarder?

Celebrity Skateboarders In The Making

You know you have a shot at becoming the next celebrity skateboarder when a skateboard company decides to sponsor you. When that happens, they'll give you boards and other merchandise to use. The public eye will be on you to see how you develop, and an upbeat attitude will go a long way to gaining fans. Usually sponsors also use their skaters in ads, videos, and tours, which can at least make you feel like a celebrity.

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