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Skateboard Videos of the Pros

Want to learn from the best? One of the greatest aspects of skateboarding is the proliferation of videos made by pros and record holders. You not only get to learn a few pointers, but you also get to witness up close what makes these skateboarders great. Tony Hawk, Chad Fernandez, Bam Magera, and Chet Thomas are only a few examples of what's available.

What do skateboard videos show?

Skateboard Videos

Skateboard videos abound and if you are a visual learner, there's a skateboard video for every skateboard move and level. From learning the basics to getting off on the extreme, skateboard videos provide excellent footage of how moves and tricks are accomplished. And, almost every skateboard web site offers or links to videos, so you'll have no problem locating any.

Is there any way to see the awesome moves of record-breaking pros?

Skateboard videos of Record-breaking Moves & Tricks

Have you watched any skateboard videos lately. Maybe it's the advances in technology or the incredible advances in skateboard techniques and athletic ability, but if you watch recent videos of the pros and of some of the record-breaking tricks and moves you'll experience first hand the intensity and exhilaration of their skateboarding up close and personal.

Why do skateboard manufacturers make videos?

Skateboard Manufacturer Videos

Many leading skateboard manufacturers like Baker, Flip Skateboard, Girl and Enjoi release videos as a way to highlight all that their products are capable of. For you, it's a good way to learn more about skateboarding as well as learning about who is using what products and why. And, if you are interested in getting sponsored, these videos can be a peak into what talents and styles these companies are looking for.

Are there any women skateboarders?

Skateboarding Women

It's unfortunate, but when we picture a skate board enthusiast, its usually a guy. But for those girls out there who are interested in the sport, get a hold of some of the skateboard videos of Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, Vanessa Torres, Lauren Perkins or Amy Caron to name a few. These women are a inspiration to any girl who drawn to freedom and exhilaration of skateboarding.

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