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What are some skate park basics?

Skate Park Basics

Most skate parks in the US are made with lots of "flow", meaning the concrete smoothly slopes in such a way that skaters can carve a line all over the park easily. The better flow a park has, the better carving the skaters can experience. Some of the basic skate park structures include the mini ramp, bank ramp, quarter pipe, and pyramid with ledge.

How noisy are skate parks?

Misperceptions of Skate Park Noise Levels

One of the most common misperceptions about skate parks is that the noise created by their users will surpass code limits and upset the community. But the reality is quite different. In a recent study, it was found that peak skate park noise levels averaged 70 decibels from 50 feet away.

In comparison, from the same 50 feet away a dishwasher and toilet produce comparable decibel levels. A football game produces 117 decibels, heavy traffic 85 decibels and a home refrigerator 50 decibels.. All in all, a skate park is no more noisy than similar recreation areas like a basketball court or children's playground

Can anyone get a skate park approved in their town?

Town Skate Parks

If your town does not have a skate park, don't fret. Many avid skateboarders across the country have rallied, fund-raised and have successfully gotten their towns to install one. It's not as difficult as you might think, especially if you can get your parents involved. Towns are usually like organized, safe, and productive ways and places for kids to spend time and energy. And check out the Tony Hawk Foundation, which supports the creation of public skateboard parks.

What are some of the benefits of building skate parks?

In Support of Skate Parks

Cities and towns across the country are beginning to recognize the increasing popularity of skateboarding. At the same time, skaters are becoming savvy about advocating for public places to call their own. Together, these two trends support the development of publicly funded skate parks. Many town residents are resistant. But without a place to skate, skateboarders will continue to use public and private parking lots, business plazas, streets and sidewalks for their sport.

What's the difference between street skating and skate park skating?

Street Skating VS. Skate Park Skating

In most places around the country, street skating is illegal because of the inherent safety hazards. The safest from of skateboarding is in skateboard parks where cars and pedestrians are not of issue. Skateboard parks are designed and built to challenge skateboarders with ramps, rails and halfpipes that offer experiences not found in street skating. Many skate parks host competitions too where skateboarders can show off their skills.

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