What is Street Skating? Tips

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What is streetluging?


Streetluging is a type of street skating that uses steep downhills as a thrill ride. Streetluge enthusiasts usually employ a longer skateboard for greater speed gained by being able to lie down to reduce wind resistance. Since streetluging is extremely dangerous, only a closed course should be used.

What is street skating?

The Popularity Of Street Skating

Street skating is almost exactly what it sounds like – skating in the street. Street skaters use elements of the street – curbs, ramps, benches, planters, and other structures to perform maneuvers on. And because every town has miles of streets, street skateboarding is a dominant form of the sport with millions of skateboarders across the country.

Is street skating dangerous?

Street Skating Hazards

Street skating may seem to those who practice it, on a par with bicycling. And to some extent, there are comparable elements. One shared attribute is that its biggest hazards are cars and pedestrians. So when street skating, please exercise caution and care when in any trafficked area. Always wear safety equipment like helmets and pads, and always yield to any pedestrian.

Is street skating illegal?

Illegal To Street Skate

. If you are a beginner skateboarder, and have seen lots of kids as they skate board along the streets, you may not know that skateboarding on public streets is illegal in most American towns. So, if you are lucky enough to have a skate park nearby, you should take advantage of that. They offer a different experience than street skating, but it is a both a challenge and a lot safer.

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