Illegal To Street Skate

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Is street skating illegal?

Illegal To Street Skate

. If you are a beginner skateboarder, and have seen lots of kids as they skate board along the streets, you may not know that skateboarding on public streets is illegal in most American towns. So, if you are lucky enough to have a skate park nearby, you should take advantage of that. They offer a different experience than street skating, but it is a both a challenge and a lot safer.



1/11/2007 12:41:36 PM
spanky said:

hey guys if been skating for 6 years now im sponserd by next generation skateshop and flowed by osiris and ive been aressted 9 times for skating on sidewalks it fing sucks ive gotten tickets and almost put in jail cause i grabed my board back form the cop all im trying to say is watch out or the pigs well get you.


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