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Is skateboard camp for me?

Skateboard Camps

Are you a skateboard enthusiast whose Mom would love to find a place for you to go for the summer rather than listening to skateboard talk, skateboard games, and skateboard everything all day long? Why not suggest packing you off to skateboard camp. Skateboard camps are becoming quite popular and they cater to all skill levels. The advantages of skateboard camp is that it will keep you off the streets and will give you a supervised, safe environment for learning tricks. Many of these camps have awesome skateboard environments too.

What are some popular skateboard games?

Skateboard Video & Internet Games

The chances are great that if you are a skateboarder, you also play skateboard games, simply because too much skateboard is still not enough. Tony Hawk dominates the skateboard video game industry, where you can try to compete your way to the top by matching your skills against his. There are also a growing number of internet games that are gaining popularity like ‘Skate or Die' and G-Max, a free game that is supposedly quite addicting.

What are some skateboard venues for girls?

The All Girl Skate Jam

For girls who are skateboard enthusiast but are wondering where all the women compete, take a look at the All Girl Skate Jam. It is the first and only skateboard competition devoted solely toward women.

The competition includes both amateur and professional skaters. Enthusiasm for this annual event was so high that now the All Girl Skate Jam is involved in extreme sports events around the world and have also created a skate camp in the summer.

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