Tricks with Fallen Relapse Shoes

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What shoes should I get to help me with skate tricks?

Tricks with Fallen Relapse Shoes

If you want to get better at skateboarding tricks, the Fallen Relapse may be the right version of Fallen Skate shoes for you. The reason being that they not only carry all the signature features of Fallen shoes like:

  • Leather or Heavy Duty Suede Upper
  • Foam Padded Tongue with extra Stabilizer Strapping
  • Extra Padded Heel Collar
  • Double stitched Eyelets that add extra strength and protect your laces
  • Gel heel Padding for impact cushioning
  • Triple stitching in the Toe Cap
  • Special insole and Full Length Midsole
  • Sticky Rubber for added traction

The reason these Fallen skate shoes are especially good for tricks is that they have rubber strips (hidden of course!) up the sides of the shoes for tricks. The rubber strips add grip and extra protection.



2/15/2009 6:32:06 PM
sir duke said:

who wrote this? a spokesperson for Fallen Footware? come on now people try out whatever shoe looks cool to you. If you plan on jumping off some really big stuff all the time get a shoe with some foam padding. if your the type of skater that spends alot of time on the ground and not jumping huge things, try a vulconized soul shoe. but really whatever feels right and looks good to you is what you want


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