Skateboard Clothes or Urban Wear?

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What is the general clothing style of skateboarders?

Skateboard Clothes or Urban Wear?

Perhaps only the most long-time skateboarder can remember whether skateboarding has influenced fashion or if fashion has influenced skateboarding. Skateboarding clothes and fashion have meshed into what can be called ‘urban wear'.

But the general outfit includes baggy pants with exposed underwear, long t-shirts, and a beanie. The baggy pants do provide freedom of movement, and the beanies keep skateboarders' heads warm, so there is an element of practicality here.



4/16/2007 10:37:57 AM
RodSnod Hellsville Ohio said:

This is a stereotype. I do remember it was about 7-9 years ago when skateboarders wore baggy pants though. I see alot of kids wearing tight jeans actually. The baggy pants thing is more of a hip hop kid thing

10/13/2007 6:49:40 PM
dusty said:

skaters where girl pant to

2/15/2009 6:19:41 PM
sir duke said:

wear whatever you want, i have seen guys ride in really expensive pants and collar shirts and i have seen guys ride in baggy pants and a flanel shirt from 1972 wear what you want do what you want. one of the perks of being a skater. just dont ruin it for everyone else


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