Learning Tricks on a Balance Board

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What is a balance board?

Learning Tricks on a Balance Board

Learning to skateboard and then do tricks is a bit daunting at first, but a lot of the fun of doing it is in the trying in the first place. To speed up the learning process, try practicing on a balance board. It can be the fastest way to increase your balance and learn to do ollies. Another great advantage is that you can practice with a balance board in your own driveway or patio – where you don't have to be traveling at the same time that you're trying to jump.



1/26/2007 5:13:10 PM
volcom said:

hey im new i just started skateboarding and whenver i step on the skateboard it feels like ice i dont have any balance practicly so i wondering do u have any tips that i could practice on

4/7/2007 4:02:00 PM
stevo said:

yerr u should get really crappy bearings so its not as slippery and ride around on those for a bit an then when u get use to it put ur good bearings back in

8/13/2007 3:02:58 PM
Rozalia said:

Girls, have fun, not boys

8/15/2007 2:41:30 AM
Dominic said:

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8/15/2007 10:17:55 PM
Andrzej said:

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8/16/2007 2:54:32 PM
Aleksandra said:

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8/18/2007 12:35:12 AM
Zofia said:

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8/25/2007 4:33:59 PM
grind said:

i need to know how to grind

10/7/2007 3:43:04 AM
nathan said:

well what i did when i started boarding was hold on to stuff like pushoff on wall so if you fall off you hold yourself up oon the wall just to help thats how i did it good luck

10/18/2007 12:16:56 AM
Doloreta said:

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