Do You Speak Skateboard?

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How do I learn the language of skateboarding?

Do You Speak Skateboard?

Skateboarding culture has not only influenced fashion and music, but has a language that is all its own. Its vernacular includes words like ollie, nollie, goofy, primo, fakie, k-grind and poser to name just a few. And, if you're going to do the sport, you better get the language down. Or you might be labeled a poser yourself. There are several skateboard dictionaries online to help you feel stoked.



3/9/2007 10:25:52 AM
Zack said:

It doesn't mean your a poser just because you can't speak the so called skateboard language your a poser when you say you can do tricks that you really can't do

2/15/2009 6:06:14 PM
sir duke said:

if you really want to get to know the skateboarding language dont look it up in a dictionary on the internet just go find some people who skate and hang out with them and skate with them, you will get better at skating and learn the vernacular. no reading or thinking involved


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