How to attach skateboard trucks to a complete skateboard

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How do I attach my skateboard trucks to my skateboard?

How to attach skateboard trucks to a complete skateboard


Trucks come with either two or four washers per truck.
Washers are used to create a good seat between your
wheel bearings and axle nuts. Washers also reduce friction, which helps your wheels to spin faster. If your trucks come with two washers these washers should be installed between the axle nut and the wheel. If your trucks come with four washers the installation order is as follows:

Tighten all axle nuts with a 1/2 inch socket wrench. Skate tools are available at Tighten the axle nuts until the wheel is snug then back off about a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn until the wheel spins feely without any play from side to side.

Now it's time to attach your trucks. First, place your deck grip side down on your work area. Find the mounting holes and punch holes through the grip tape with one of the bolts from your mounting hardware. Once holes have been punched through your grip tape flip your deck over and push your mounting hardware through the holes.

If you use riser pads on your board install them sliding them onto your mounting hardware.

Now, slide your trucks onto your mounting hardware; be sure the bushings are facing each other. Install all the truck mounting nuts onto all the truck-mounting bolts and finger tighten them.

Finally, tighten the truck mounting hardware using a 10/32" wrench or nut driver and a Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench.
Skate tools are available at:

Your skateboard is now assembled.



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