Kick Flips

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How do I kick flip?

Kick Flips

You need to practice the kick flip standing still without rolling. First, you need to find a smooth flat surface where you can practice your kick flips. Second, you need to get set up and you want to make sure you have the best stance for kick flips. You mentioned you skate regular stance, so... your front foot which is your left foot should be at about one o'clock position your back foot should be at about three o'clock in order for you to under stand this o'clock position stuff just look at your board as a clock with the nose of your board being 12:00 and the tail being 6:00. OK, now that we have that settled on with the kick flip. Now what you want to do is ollie and make sure your in that position I just explained. You want to get a good snap and make sure your front foot gets a good feel on the concave of the board so that when you fling your front foot the board rotates properly. Next, keep both legs up in the air while you see the board rotating under you. Once your board is back to its normal position, stick both feet back on the board. Do this until you master it. To keep your feet in the air a little longer try jumping a bit higher after you snap your tail. It takes a while to don't get discouraged. Remember to practice standing still at first then you can start rolling with little speed. Good luck and remember practice makes perfect…have fun.



8/14/2006 5:27:19 PM
mac said:

nice tips

11/11/2006 9:03:30 PM
Chester said:

Thanks i can all most land the kickflip i will not give up
BYe thanks alot

4/14/2007 4:11:52 PM
josh said:

I have problems staying in the air long enough to figure out were to put my feet. i'm not going to give up though


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