Hard Flips with Freddy from Active Mailorder

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How do I do hard flips?

Hard Flips with Freddy from Active Mailorder

First, want to get in a kick-flip position with your upper body twisted towards the nose of the board make sure you are not going too fast nor too slow. Next ollie and shove-it at the same time make sure you get a good snap off the tail. It's like doing a front side pop shove it. The board should be going behind you, your back foot should be kicking out while popping and shoving the board. Your front foot should be kick-flipping while your whole body should be in the air. Make sure that both of your legs are spread out waiting for the board to land. Once you see the board coming around again bring your legs together and try landing on the bolts for a solid landing. If you are successful throw a shaka while ridding away. Remember practice makes perfect and never give up.



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