Frontside Flips with Freddy from Active Mailorder

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How do I do frontside flips?

Frontside Flips with Freddy from Active Mailorder

I'm Fred and I am going to help you with your front side flips. First, you want to start off in a kick-flip position make sure you have a good amount of speed - not to slow and not to fast - a speed that you are comfortable with. Next, you want to place your back foot on the middle of the tail; half of your foot should be hanging off the tail. Next, your front foot should be right in the middle of the board with half of your foot hanging off the side of the board. Angle your toes slightly towards the nose of the board with your lower body and hips should be parallel with the board. Twist your upper body slightly and look towards the nose of the board. Next, you want to ollie fronside 180, ollie as high as you can and turn your lower body only. Your upper body should rotate just a little bit and kick-flip at the same time. Lean the weight of your upper body towards the nose of the board wait for the board to completely flip. Finally, land on the bolts and role away as smooth as possible. Remember practice makes perfect never give up.



3/23/2007 7:22:47 PM
a yellow tint of red said:

decent, i learned to 720 flip yesterday

7/17/2007 10:59:15 AM
jo said:

how can you place both feets in the middle?


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