How to ollie

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How do I learn how to ollie?

How to ollie

So, you want to learn how to ollie. One way to practice Ollie's is to set the back wheels of your skateboard in a side walk crack, like one of those cracks you see every 10 feet. When you place your back wheels in the crack it keeps your skateboard from moving while practicing your ollies. First, place your back foot on the tail half of your board, your foot should be on the tail so the heel of your foot is hanging off the tail of the board. Place your front foot in the center of the board with just a little bit of your heel hanging off the side of the board. Next, you want to bend your knees and set your shoulders parallel with the board. Your back leg will be a little more bent than the the front leg. Next, imagine that you are as light as a feather, spread your arms for balance, and snap the tail. As soon as the tail and the ground make contact jump up and forward while lifting the board with you front and back feet. If all goes well; you have an ollie. It is recommended that the ollie be mastered first before you move on to kick-flips, so remember practice makes perfect never give up. Once the ollie has been mastered and you can ollie up a curb you're ready to start learning kick flips. Remember its all about having fun.



8/2/2006 6:28:47 PM
ggg said:

you need visual aids

10/1/2006 4:01:26 PM
Alex jukle said:

Thats Awsome

6/4/2007 12:05:35 AM
ADAM said:

oh my god im so happy this tip is awsome it worked im actually doing an ollie this tip is wicked awsome

6/16/2007 5:10:17 PM
hghghghg said:

I think its an awesome way to discribe how to do an ollie


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