ABEC Bearings Rating

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Why are only some skateboard bearings rated?

ABEC Bearings Rating

You may notice that some skateboard bearings have an ABEC rating that refers to the bearings precision. The rating was developed not for skateboards, but for machines, so many manufacturers don't even bother with the ABEC rating. The ABEC numbers range from 1-9 using odd numbers only. An ideal rating for skateboards is between 3 and 5.



10/12/2006 6:48:01 AM
terry said:

deh! so does that mean 1 is better than 9 or is 9 better than 1

10/24/2007 11:07:00 PM
Clark Fallis said:

I completely disagree with this tip. Although all of your other ones are fantastic. the abec system rated bearings at high speeds. The skateboard does not go fast enough for abec 1 to corrupt because of speed. Often an abec 5 bearing is better than an abec 1 just because it probably has better quality materials to withstand the super high speed tests, but that is not always true. Just because one bearing corrupts at 200 mph and the other one at 250 mph. The 200 mph may still be faster and last longer for skateboarding. As for terry up there, by what people "think" 9 is better than one.


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