Skateboard Deck Size

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How do I determine the right skateboard deck size?

Skateboard Deck Size

Deck size is determined by individual need and desire. Most skateboards fall within the width range of 7.5 to 8 inches. And there are some that are slightly smaller or slightly larger. Smaller boards are easier to control and do flip tricks with on the road. Wider boards are easier to manipulate in a pool.



7/24/2007 6:10:02 PM
Christina said:

What deck size should i buy if i am 5'1" and weight 135?

2/15/2009 6:22:00 PM
sir duke said:

just ride what is comfortable for you. you dont have to have a deck just for tranny and one just for street skating. find a size you like and ride it

8/5/2011 7:57:27 PM
brea fleming said:

is a size 8.0 skateboard small or big


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