Fixing A Chipped Deck

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Is there a way to fix a chipped deck?

Fixing A Chipped Deck

If you take a hard fall, or in the words of the game, if you take a harsh bail, and your deck chips, the sooner you take care of it the better. Use an electric sander to sand down the chip until its gone or close to gone. If left unchecked, the chip will get worse, and you'll find yourself needing a new deck sooner than you anticipated.



9/17/2007 4:46:14 PM
zach said:

i got a huge chip on the nose of my deck and i figured out if u chip ur board, u can take out some chipped inside layers, then push the grip down. its just temporary and i sanded it down after, and im gonna fill the extra with wood glue or super glue and it will almost be like a little roll on the tip of the nose, all most not noticable., idk tho comment back on other things u have done


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