Build A skateboard in Shop Class

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Are skateboard kits available?

Build A skateboard in Shop Class

If you're tired of those boring shop class projects, get your teacher to instruct the class in how to build a skateboard instead. The Roarockit Skateboard Company has a kit for building one that is perfect for school. This is a serious kit, suitable for real use. The kit also comes with a video so teachers can familiarize themselves with the process. Preparing wood veneers, gluing layers of wood together, hand vacuum use, and proper gluing techniques are just a few of the skills learned with this project.



12/4/2007 12:05:41 PM
seth said:

y is it called "how to build a skateboard f it doesnt tell u ne thing or have any links to click wut a waste of my time to read all this for a shop project if it doesnt tell me any thing!!!!!

2/4/2009 6:23:27 AM
perry said:

it,s cool how u do that


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