Kick Flips - Version 2

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How do I kick flip?

Kick Flips - Version 2

Ok, this is a common problem with people learning kick flips. I also had this problem growing up skating. In order to overcome this problem you need skate a little longer, skate a little harder, and you can not give up. I think you need to focus on getting your board to stay in the air a little longer. The best way to do that is by using your ankle more than your actual leg, see kick flips are all done in one motion as you snap your tail. One thing to remember is that you need to be flinging your front foot and kick flipping and jumping all at the same time. Try to bring your feet closer together and wait for the board to come around. Once it comes around plant your feet back on the board. If you land bolts thats a plus. Make sure you ride away smooth and throw the biggest shaka and get stoked. Oh, about your new skate park and the jerks there don't worry about them...ignore them and always have fun. And don't be afraid to stick up for you self.



5/27/2007 5:20:43 PM
Fan said:

Thanks a lot! Nice tips.


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