How to Ollie - Version 2

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How do I ollie?

How to Ollie - Version 2

Well this is going to be a bit hard to explain only because I'm not there to actually show you physically. However, I will try my best. Here it goes. First, you want to make sure you feel comfortable on your board and not all off balance. Second you want to get in a good stance, your back foot should be half way on the tail, the heel end of your foot should be hanging off and that should be the only part of your foot hanging off. Your front foot should be about 2 inches above the middle of your board with about 2/3 inches of your heel hanging off the side of the board. Ok, now that we have your stance down, you can Ollie. This is how you're going to do just that. First, you have to think light you have to think you're a feather. Then you want to crunch down by bending your knees you want to bend you back leg more than your front leg and make sure your upper body is leaning towards the front. Then snap the tail with your body already wanting to take off into the air. As soon as you feel and hear the tail snap, lift up your whole body with your front foot dragging up the front of the board towards your front truck. Look down and keep your eye on the top of your board and wait to land.



7/2/2007 12:10:27 AM
jo said:

For every sinlge website and search engine i went to, i could not find anything on why the board stays in place when you jump. please include this.


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