Colored Skateboard Wheels vs. Transparent Wheels

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Are colored skateboard wheels of acceptable quality?

Colored Skateboard Wheels vs. Transparent Wheels

Skateboard wheels come in so many beautiful colors, it makes it hard to choose your skateboard wheels. If you like to mix function with fashion, then go ahead and try those colored wheels. But there are some avid skateboarders who swear that the most durable skateboard wheels are the transparent ones. Here's why. Pure polyurethane is clear and transparent, but to get those beautiful colors, the polyurethane is mixed with dyes and plastics that may affect how long the wheels last. Others say that the pure polyurethane, clear wheels grip too much.



12/9/2007 5:24:12 PM
michael said:

this is good but i'm looking more for the differnt materials that they are made out of.

1/9/2009 11:44:44 PM
Carter said:

Clear wheels generally do grip more than other wheels. This is because usually they're softer. Just check the softness ratings. lol. Same goes for a car's tires. The softer, the more grip. But they also wear out faster.

9/26/2011 4:52:51 PM
benjinewriop said:

very good


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