How popular is skateboarding?

The Growing Popularity of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport in the United States. It appeals
to children, teens, and adults and provides recreation, entertainment, and
exercise. The number of skateboarders across the country is up 128%
over the past ten years. There are currently 11 million skateboarders in
the U.S., which equates to almost 4% of the U.S. population.

Skate Board Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn how to ollie?

How do I do frontside flips?

How do I do hard flips?

How do I learn to ollie higher?

How do I ollie?

How do I do 360 flips?

How do I kick flip?

How do I determine my skateboard size?

How do I attach grip tape to my skateboard?

How do I install the bearings in my skateboard wheels?

How do I attach my skateboard trucks to my skateboard?

How do I adjust the trucks on my skateboard?

How do I remove grip tape from my skateboard?

How do I get sponsored?

How big is the skateboarding industry?

What do celebrity skateboarders earn?

How do you become a celebrity skateboarder?

What are some of the most exciting records held by celebrity skateboarders?

Can anyone get a skate park approved in their town?

What's the difference between street skating and skate park skating?

What are some skate park basics?

How noisy are skate parks?

What are some of the benefits of building skate parks?

How do you apply grip tape to your board?

What tools do I need to build a skateboard?

How do I put bearings in my skateboard?

Are skateboard kits available?

How do you put bearings in skateboard wheels?

How can I customize a skateboard?

What are Tech Decks?

Is it better to buy at a skate shop or by mailorder?

Are skateboard backpacks really different than regular ones?

How do I shop when my Mom still pays for my clothing?

Do I need skateboard Shoes?

How do I care for my skateboard shoes?

What are skateboard shoes?

How do I choose skateboard shoes?

What are some skateboard venues for girls?

What are some popular skateboard games?

Is skateboard camp for me?

Why do the clothes all have logos?

What is the general clothing style of skateboarders?

Do most skateboard clothes come from the same companies that make skateboards?

How do you tune your skateboard

How do I take care of skateboard bearings?

Is there a way to fix a chipped deck?

How do I clean my skateboard from dirt and dust?

How do you maintain skateboard wheels?

What is the difference between shielded and sealed bearings?

Should grease or oil be used as a lubricant?

What is the skateboard deck?

How do I determine the right skateboard deck size?

What's a good skateboard shape?

How do I choose skateboard wheels?

How hard should my skateboard wheels be?

What are skateboard wheels made of?

What size should my skateboard wheels be?

What are skateboard bearings?

Why are only some skateboard bearings rated?

What is the truck?

Do I need skateboard risers?

Are colored skateboard wheels of acceptable quality?

When do I have to replace my skateboard wheels?

What is grip tape?

Why do some skateboarders cut patterns into their grip tape?

When do I need a new skateboard?

What happens if my skateboard gets wet?

What is a complete skateboard?

Who are the leading skateboard manufacturers?

What are the origins of the skateboard?

Have skateboards changed over the years?

What is a mini skateboard?

What is an old school skateboard?

What do skateboard videos show?

Are there any women skateboarders?

Why do skateboard manufacturers make videos?

Is there any way to see the awesome moves of record-breaking pros?

Does safety equipment hinder or help skateboard performance?

How do you know if your helmet fits properly?

What safety equipment do I need?

Is there a right way to fall?

How often should I check my equipment?

What is a balance board?

How do you do an Ollie?

How do you do a Kickflip?

How do you do a heelflip?

What is a Nollie?

What's an Ollie Block?

How do you time tricks?

Where should I be looking while I'm doing a trick?

How do you stand on a skateboard?

How do you push off on a skateboard?

How do you stop on a skateboard?

How do you turn on a skateboard?

Is there a good position for getting over obstacles?

What is dirtsurfing?

How can I build focus and concentration to better my skateboarding skills?

Why does skateboarding have a negative perception within communities?

How popular is skateboarding?

How do I learn the language of skateboarding?

Is it possible to build a skate ramp in your yard?

What is a minimal size for a skateboard ramp?

What should I build a ramp out of?

How can I extend the life of my ramp?

How can I build a solie skateboard ramp frame?

Will neighbors hate a skateboard ramp in my yard?

What is street skating?

Is street skating dangerous?

What is streetluging?

Is street skating illegal?

What are some features of Emerica skate shoes?

How can I make sure my skate shoes fit my feet?

Do any skateboard shoe makers make youth skate shoes?

Are Nike skate shoes any good?

Are there any benefits to Nike skate shoes?

I'm a girl who wants to buy guys shoes, what size do I order?

Are there any benefits of DVS skate shoes?

How can I clean my DVS skate shoes?

What are the features of Fallen Rival Skate shoes?

What are the pros and cons of Fallen skate shoes?

What shoes should I get to help me with skate tricks?

Recent Skate Board Questions

Q. how do i put grip tape on a skateboard that already has trucks on it

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Q. I find it extremely hard to turn my skateboard. How do i adjust the pressure of the bushings on my skateboard to make it easier to turn?
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Q. Dude i can do kick flips But i broke my wrist in my basement this winter and i`m trying to get them back and i have. My problem is I have trouble doin them moving cause my tail skids out and i wind up fallling back wards . My friend jus started skating and learned them in 2 weeks. and i`m pretty bummed out. I have been working my ass off lately, Got any advice on not having my tail skid out? i need yor advice man, it`d be SO key
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Q. how do you do ollies
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Q. how do you do ollies
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Q. How do you put a new strip of griptape on an old deck that has old griptape on it? Should I peel the old stuff off, or just layer it up?
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Q. I just don`t know how to do an ollie . I mean I can`t get major air. Please teach me how to do an ollie and get high up in the air. I would also like to know how to make it look like your feet don`t move.I also would like to know how to land them please email me back as fast as possible.
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Q. How can I make my own skateboard at my house?
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Q. How do u keep my front foot up after kicking the board for a kickflip? After I kick it my foot pretty much goes straight to the ground and if I try to jump higher I cant get a full rotation. I literally practice every day and Ive been skating about two years.
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Q. I Also have a question... I try to kickflip and i can land with only 1 foot. Im goofy stance. But i try to kick with my right foot and it just lands before the board does... i tried to do what you said for the kickflip on all the other pages but it dosent work. my foot just wont kick right.. any tips>?
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Q. how do you hardflip??......i dont see how you can kick you foot backwards and outwards at the same time

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Q. how do u do 360 flips everytime i try i varial kickflip how do i scoop it?
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Q. I was told that if you want to make your skateboard go faster you have to loosen the wheels just alittle bit, and also if you want to turn better on your skateboard you have to loosen the trucks just alittle bit as well, is that all true? Thanx
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Q. how do i determine what size deck i need?
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Q. how do i do a 360 flip?
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Q. ok my problem isi can do heelflips easy on the spot but when i try them on the roll i just cant get them happening, please help ive bin tryin these for like a month and ive snapped like2 deks because im gettin so kut
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Q. hi iv been skating for about 6 months on and off but i cant land a kickflip i can make it spin all the way round but i allways land befor my deck does how can i stay in the air for longer. plz help me thanks
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Q. Hi, I`ve had my board for over a week now and i can ollie pretty well just almost everytime i ollie the front of my board goes backwards about 45 degrees. can you please tell me why and how i can fix that?
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Q. Hey ve been skating a while , i can ollie off stuff, moving pop-suv its, include nollie pop-shuv its, but i cant kickflip! i can easily get the rotation, but i can only land one footed. I ride regular, so my right foot is back. Whenever i do a kickflip, my left leg, after i kick it, i cant bring it back up to catch the board, and it hits the ground b4 my board does. Can u help?
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Q. yeah well ive been skateboarding 4 about a week or 2 but i still can get my board off the ground. I mean i can pop it in the back but i am having a trouble sliding my foot to the front of the board and getting off the ground! please try and write me in the next 5 mins because i relly wanna know how to ollie!!!!!
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Q. i have been skating for a while and i can ollie high and all but the tail of the skateboard will not level out

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Q. i can spin my kickflip but it hits my shin and i cant land it
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Q. ive been skating for awhile and i can ollie and pop shove-it already but every time i try to do a moving ollie i fall, and i just cant get it. do you have any tips that could help
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Q. when i do an ollie the board only goes like 8 inches off the ground i can jump way higher than that how do i get it higher
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Q. I dunno wut size my wheels hav 2 be for my skateboard deck. the deck size is 7.5 wut size trucks and wheels do i need????
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Q. I used to heelflip really well, now that I have been trying inward heelflips all of my heelflips have been turning 90 degrees or more. How can i get back to my straight heelflips?

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Q. Hi ive been skating for a week and i can nearly do an ollie. My problem is that my back wheels dont come up to where they should be when im in the air. I guess i can slide my foot and all but i need help getting my back wheels up. Thanks!
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Q. why is my skateboarding going to the left?
I just bought it
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Q. How do you do back foot flips???
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Q. i got your e mail it was way too confusing that sucked
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Q. how is this info going to teach me how to ollie.
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Q. do you have any tips on doing pop shuv-it`s? Thanks
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Q. ive been tryin kickflips and i cant flip the board, any tips?
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Q. When i go to ollie, my back foot always flies away from the board in a random direction, and as much as I try, I can`t keep it over the board, so when i do an ollie, for one I can`t land it, and two, the does something random almost every time, plus when I ollie I can`t straighten the board out either. I don`t know if u can help me, but if so, please let me know.
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Q. yah ive been ridin a skateboard for like a year and i still dont know how to do an ollie and ive read all ur tips but i still cant do one got any extra tips/ideas
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Q. I`m just starting skateboarding and am semi-comfortable with the ollie but amazingly enough feel more unstable on my board when just cruising around town. Do you have any tips for riding stable over things like sidewalk cracks and over rough surfaces like a gravely mall parking lot? I`ve tried to watch local skaters but it just seems like they ride right down a steep hill with very little action and stay on the board. I find once I get some speed i`ll catch on a crack in the road or sidewalk and bail. Any tips you can offer would be great. Also how does wheel size affect ride? What size is good for beginners?
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Q. how do you do an ollie? a kickflip?
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Q. im christian and im ten I can varialflip but I need help with my frontside flips

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Q. how do you hardflip?
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Q. on my kickflips i can only get my front foot on not my back one. plz help. i have being trying for 5 months. Nic
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